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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Da Move Lyrics – Shoreline Mafia & Sob x RBE | English Song

Da Move Lyrics – Shoreline Mafia & Sob x RBE | English Song

Song - Da Move
Artist - Shoreline Mafia & SOB x RBE
Music - SOB


[Chorus: Fenix]
What's the move, where it's at, 'cause I'm tryna get it
When his bitch come around you know I'm checkin' chicken
I put Forgis on the Masi and you know it's tinted
Straight cash, blue faces, I don't do the rented
Why these niggas talkin' money, I don't see 'em get it
Why these niggas talkin' shootin', I don't think you with it
That's your bitch but not to me, I'm goin' deep up in it
I'm in the foreign off the perkies with a freak up in it
All this money on me baby, know you want to spend it
If it's beef, go 'head and start it 'cause we wanna finish
I been creepin' with the forty, I got thirty in it
I serve molly, I serve white, I used to serve the midget

[Verse 1: Lul G]
All this mud in my system, it's a stain on my kidneys
Two twin Glocks, that's that Bobby and that Whitney
I ain't slidin' to that show if that strap ain't with me
Mixin' with that nerd so you gettin' stanked with him
Your fans get your name tatted so you know you lit
But if I make it out the hood then I know I'm blessed
Gas straight to the pedal, I don't never race
DJ Khaled type shit bitch, we the best
Winning team, watch you up that TEC on him
Shooters on my team, they'll blow that rat for me
Talkin' out his neck, had to up and stretch brodie
In your section bitch, and I got that check on me

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